Clean Ads™ is an industry initiative by Adjesty, which works to ensure that only high-quality verified ad campaigns reach digital ad inventories.
At Adjesty, we believe that all players in the AdTech ecosystem should share the same major goal: to bring consumer trust back into the world of digital advertising.

We know that not all ads are born the same. Right beside big brands’ top ad campaigns appear ads that call consumers to download malware, take them to phishing websites, and attempt to install a virus on their devices. In fact, the vast majority of AdTech players never check the quality of the advertising they trade. The best of them may run small periodic checks, trying to determine bad campaigns. This is probably better than nothing, but can you really find all of the dangerous campaigns within your billions of daily impressions just by checking a few hundred samples? It’s a game of big numbers, and no solution based on random sampling can do the job.

The worst part is that some media buyers, who are extremely busy buying inventories or selling programmatic ad traffic to each other and being very focused on yield optimization, completely forget that there are real people who receive their digital ads. And these people, who do not like bad ads, protect themselves from the threats that come with improper advertising by installing ad blockers on their devices. With 41% growth in 2016, this ad-blocking trend hurts the entire AdTech industry.

However, consumers are not the only ones hurt by bad ads. Your brand is at risk, too. Inappropriate, unsafe or broken ad campaigns come at a heavy cost and can seriously damage your brand reputation. Being a Clean Ads™-Certified partner, you can stop them before they hit you and your valued customers.

Clean Ads™ Certification joins the efforts of other online advertising bodies, such as MRC, TAG and IAB, to ensure that only clean traffic reaches consumers’ devices.

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